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Combination of beauty, strength and ergonomics define these comfortable Auditorium Seating.


Actiu-Auditorium Seating; Top Quality.

AUDIT is the new program that offers a wide range of standardized measures that allow, at the same time, development of specific products for projects when required.

Seat and back moulded polyurethane self-extinguishing foam, ergonomics. Great comfort. Wide variety of finishes. M1 and M2 fire barrier.

Models could be adapted to lineal or curved layouts.


Audit 10

Audit 20

Audit 30

Audit 50

Audit 70

Argentina Millenium Series.

Cushioned ergonomic seat, with gentle lines, curved on all contours with no edges or corners. Ideal for auditoriums, stadiums and sports areas, multi-purpose halls, universities, cultural centres, conference and convention halls, cinemas, ferries and cruisers, meeting rooms, etc.

Cold moulded polyurethane foam ‘UNIBLOCK 2’ system, which wraps an injected polypropylene frame completely. All this structure is protected by a texturized injected polypropylene seat shell. The seat pan folds by means of an automatic noiseless maintenance-free double spring.


Deko-Steel; Tasteful Italian Style.

Steel is the first armchair seating collection designed especially for conference, auditorium, theatres and cinemas completely built in high resistance stamped steel.

This makes it a very peculiar product for large and small application enviroments.

The Steel auditorium armchairs range offers numerous possible variations with backrests in three heights, two different interaxes, various types of armrests, accessories and different finishes to meet every request.

The tip-up writing ledge N-table is suitable for lap-top use.

Very strong it is designed for rooms with curved confi guration or steps and can be arranged for cable passages.


Erasmus Seating.

Collaborative seating for today’s working environment, a perfect combination of engineering and aesthetics. A mechanism synchronizes the virtualization of the arms while closing the seat, obtaining safer and wider transit corridors. The collection offers a vaste range of solutions and accessories between the most sophisticated and modern technologies to be applied on the seats.


The collection fills the most demanding communication needs. virtually any technology can be installed into the chairs electronic bay. Typical applications include simultaneous translation, conferencing, voting, upto several or more RJ45 inlets, ID chip card reader, LCD video, video camera, reading lamp, touch-screen, Modules can installed into the chair’s electronic bay placed in the rear back, between the backrest and on the table.

Musa Seating.

Musa is a new technological armchair for Auditorium, Congress and Conference Halls designed by arch. Marco Piva. Seat and backrest incorporate a very comfortable padding, upholstered in technical fabrics or micro perforated leather, it encompasses writing and wiring systems, attention to detail for the most demanding users and at the forefront of environments.


One to One.

One to One was designed as a chair for public seating, manufactured on an industrial scale, but endowed with a high degree of customization, which is expressed in the wide range of configurations and finishes, in the just-in-time availability of spares, in the speedy delivery timing and in the ease of fitting out.

Seat width and back rest height can be custom built: One to One, to fully satisfy every single client.The wide range of finishes and accessories guarantees solutions and configurations suitable to very typology of public spaces.

The back rests, whose set up is variable over three positions, adapt to the hall’s viewing lines and to the seating arrangements.


New seat programme for auditoriums, theatres, conference centres. Seat and back moulded polyurethane self-extinguishing foam, ergonomics. Great comfort. Wide variety of finishes.

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