Steel Angle Shelving

Angle shelving is a steel shelving system that is extremely versatile.  It is of steel construction with closed backs and sides ideally suited for small parts storage.  With a wide pickface, it provides high accessibility to multiple product lines. Angle Shelving can be used in all areas of your business including the office, warehouse or storeroom.


Closed Angle Shelving

Closed Steel Shelving – 5 Tier

Closed Steel Shelving – 6 Tier

Closed Steel Shelving – 7 Tier

Closed Steel Shelving – 8 Tier


Open Angle Shelving

Open Steel Shelving – 5 Tier

Open Steel Shelving – 6 Tier

Open Steel Shelving – 7 Tier

Open Steel Shelving – 8 Tier

You can use Angle to custom design shelving to specifically suit your requirements.  Angle shelving or racking is best suited for areas with limited space and “dead” space that needs to be eliminated.

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